Stelacon - Brücke

SAP Consulting & Development, Competent and Flexible

Based on our extensive experience working with many companies from different industrial sectors (both national and international, medium-sized or major enterprises), we implement your projects and requirements related to accounting and controlling topics in a flexible, effective and cost-efficient manner.

Our knowledge covers all modules and sub-modules within the ECC and S/4HANA core.

Our project approach is always end-to-end, which means it begins with noting customer requirements and ends with realization within the SAP system.

Realization is not limited to standard SAP customization but can be changed by our well-versed, technical consultants. If needed, we can adapt the system to your individual needs in cooperation with our development team.

Our Portfolio


SAP released the next generation of ERP software called S/4HANA. We provide assistance in the implementation of your processes within this new software suite, no matter if the system is on-premise, cloud-based or a hybrid. With S/4HANA you will benefit from:

  • The next generation of SAP processes
  • Functions of artificial intelligence
  • Award winning user experience
  • Real-time processing based on in-memory-technology
  • Our extensive business and IT experience

We would like to

  • create a specific roadmap for the transformation to S/4HANA
  • assist in preparatory measures such as harmonization and technical conversions
  • perform a custom-tailored implementation – optionally via agile or the classic project methodology

You will benefit from our various experience in S/4 pre-analysis projects.


The classic SAP ECC will certainly play a very large or even exclusive role in many companies throughout the years to come. With more than 20 years of project experience, we are able to provide support in the classic modules of accounting/controlling, which is a major part of maintenance and optimization of your SAP landscape.

In addition to consulting in the classic accounting module, we offer support in:

  • General ledger (classic and New G/L)
  • Accounts Receivable Accounting
  • Accounts Payable Accounting
  • Asset Accounting
  • Overhead-Cost Controlling
  • Product Cost Controlling
  • Profit Center Accounting and Transfer Price Processing
  • Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
  • Material Ledger
as well as for new features and modules such as:
  • E-Balance
  • E-Invoicing
  • Revenue Recognition and Realization according to IFRS15 (FI-RA)
  • Leasing Balancing according to IFRS16 (RE-FX)
  • Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM)

We of course design customer-tailored solutions if the SAP standard is not sufficient. Implementation will then be performed by our well-versed, technical consultants or in cooperation with our development team.

Project Experiences

Examples of our varied project experience (special topics alongside classic implementation projects):

  • ISO 20022 Implementation of Swiss payment transactions
  • SII Tax implementation in Spain
  • Harmonization of company codes
  • Data migration of depreciation areas in asset accounting
  • Change of fiscal year variants according to the 4 4 5 rule / Implementation of ledger specific fiscal year variants
  • Converting the chart of accounts including accounts and cost elements, conversion of trading partners and other issues using the STELACON conversion tool StelaConversionCockpit SCC
  • Implementation of NewGL including migration implementation
  • Implementation of actual costing with the material ledger considering a specific cost element structure following consolidation needs with transfer to CO-PA
  • Development of group costing, spanning various controlling areas
  • Design and development of various revenue cockpits in controlling for example, COST+, automated consolidation transactions via company code solution etc.