Stelacon - Brücke

SAP Consulting & Development, Competent and Flexible

Due to consistently changing expectations in the global market, current company processes must be created efficiently while remaining scalable.

It is therefore important to ensure that criteria such as adherence to schedules, delivery reliability, customer service, automatic data exchange, consistent availability and flexibility are met in logistics and business-related processes.

To support you with these challenges, we offer you efficient, module and interbranch knowledge across numerous topics such as sales, distribution and transport logistics.

Based on our fundamental and extensive project experience, we offer you pragmatic solutions in the following sectors:

  • Customer Service (CS)
  • Maintenance (PM)
  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Project System (PS)

These sectors are covered by the SAP standard. Furthermore, we assist you in integrating individual requirements into your standard system. It is vital that the long-term approach plays a major role.

Our portfolio:

Master Data
  • Equipment
  • Batches
  • Material Master
  • Business Partners
  • Serial Numbers
  • Hierarchies
  • Class System and Variant Configuration
  • Handling Units
  • EANs
  • Forms (SMARTFORMS, SAPScript & Adobe)
Distribution/ Transport
  • Consignment
  • Packing
  • Transport and Freight Charge Processing
  • Output Control
  • Pricing
  • Availability Check
  • Rebate Processing
  • Output Control
  • Text Schemes
  • Determining Routes
  • Shipping- / Transport Scheduling
  • Periodic Invoicing
  • Invoice Lists
  • SEPA
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Invoice Corrections
  • E-Invoicing


Particularly regarding the following areas, we can support you with our extensive experience in SD projects:

Implementation of Complex Organizational Structures in SAP
  • Mapping i.e. transitioning organizational procedures and processes across modules
  • Incorporating intercompany master data and reporting requirements
  • Integration with other SAP modules (accounting, controlling, etc.)
  • Defining organizational structures as a template (international rollouts)
  • Reorganization and optimization of existing organizational structures
Interfaces to SAP and Non-SAP Systems
  • Implementation of end-to-end processes
  • Integration of transport, inventory management, warehouse management and control station systems
  • Linking of external partners and their SAP or non-SAP systems
  • Support at the implementation of electronic message processing (e.g. Linking to Exchange-Servers)
Processing Repairs, Warranties and Complaints
  • Inhouse repairs (Repa)
  • Onsite repairs via customer service
  • Complaint processing with warranty claim processing (WTY)
  • Mapping of complex complaints processes
Intercompany (Cross-Company)
  • Standard IC clearing based on sales orders and deliveries
  • IC clearing based on resource-related billing
  • IC clearing based on billing plans
  • Implementation of complex pricing using conditioning techniques
  • Automatic credit-side processing of the IC bills
  • Individual derivation of all required credit-side accounting objects
  • IC processing for repair services
  • Third party processing
Foreign Trade
  • Preference Processing (including configurable products)
  • Export Control
  • Intrastat Processing
  • Verifying Master Data (commodity code)