Stelacon - Brücke

SAP Consulting & Development, Competent and Flexible

We’re looking for:

Experienced SAP Professionals with extensive knowledge of logistics, accounting and HCM.

As a professional consultant, you will meet a variety of challenges in demanding projects. Within these projects, you have the opportunity to act independently and with great individual freedom. At our company you can identify market trends and develop them on your own. You will be supported by working closely with your experienced colleagues in an open-minded work atmosphere. Through continued education and independent acquisition of new topics, you will consistently broaden your personal portfolio.

As an experienced consultant, it may be of interest to you that travel time at our company is recognized as work time, which is uncommon in IT companies. You will also find a very fair overtime regulation, which will improve your work-life balance.

We are looking for SAP newcomers, who are curious, proactive and eager to learn. Within our company you will get the chance to handle important tasks within a short amount of time. You will be supported by our experienced colleagues and assisted in a target-oriented matter.

If you can imagine working and personally advancing in an open-minded, independent and challenging environment, then we would be pleased to receive your job application.
Via mail or by sending it by post to:

Schauenburgerstraße 35
20095 Hamburg